OSAP/financial aid

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides help through loans and grants based on your calculated financial need.

Questions? Contact Financial Aid.

For the most up-to-date information regarding changes to the OSAP program, please visit the OSAP website.

Applying to OSAP

查看我们的步骤 how to apply for OSAP page.

申请可在网上下载 ontario.ca/osap. 关于收入门槛的信息, funding maximums, 申请截止日期也可以在网上找到.

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If you withdraw or drop a course(s) and are taking less than 60 per cent of a full course load (40 per cent for students with a permanent disability), you are considered withdrawn and no longer eligible for the rest of the study period.

As a result:

  • you will be required to repay your loans six months after the withdrawal
  • you may have to repay money you’ve already received (called an overpayment) before you can receive future OSAP funding

In addition, please see the information on academic progress restriction and probation.



在某些情况下,您的osp贷款不会产生利息. 如果你要为全日制学生申请OSAP, you will automatically be interest-free once your school confirms enrolment.

你可以申请免息 previous loan if you’re continuing in part- or full-time study and NOT receiving full- or part-time OSAP:

  • full-time students should use the Continuation of Interest-Free Status Application
  • 非全日制学生应提交一份 加拿大学生贷款项目入学确认表2 form from Employment and Social Development Canada (part-time students)


You’re in part-time studies if you’re taking between 20 and 59 per cent of a full course load. 你的全部课程百分比是由你的学校决定的.

Part-time OSAP provides assistance to students studying on a part-time basis. 要符合资格,你必须符合以下条件:

  • 是加拿大公民、永久居民或受保护人
  • 占全部课程的20%至59%
  • study at the postsecondary level – degree, diploma or certificate program
  • have a total family gross income that falls below the applicable maximum based on your family size

Applications are completed on a per-term basis, and students must be registered in courses before 申请可以由经济援助办公室处理.


Students who forget their Ontario Access Number (OAN) and/or password have two self-service options to quickly retrieve the information needed:

  • 在网上用他们的挑战问题
  • by email (providing the student completed the email validation process)

However, if this is not possible, 作为大学停课的临时措施, students can request a temporary password and retrieve their OAN from the Financial Aid Office.

Please call 705.722.1530 for assistance. Please note that this process applies to the student only and does not include anyone you have authorized to have access to your information. 而且,这个过程只能通过电话完成. Please be advised that you will be required to provide information in order to verify your identity.


要查看需要提供哪些文档,请单击 View Application Details 在你的osp在线账户上.

Please note:不完整的申请将不获处理.

Ontario Student Grant

Visit ontario.ca/osap to use the OSAP calculator and find out how much financial aid you could be eligible for. 查找有关资金上限的信息.

Students have the option of accepting all of their OSAP funding (grants and loan), or only the grant. You can do this through your online OSAP account after your application is assessed. If you change your mind, 你可以在网上申请贷款, 学习期限结束前的40天.

Paying back OSAP

你将需要通过 国家助学贷款服务中心 (NSLSC). Here, you can:

  • 看看你的贷款状况
  • 更新你的云顶游戏官方网址下载
  • 改变你的每月还款金额
  • 申请还款援助计划

You will receive a notice in the mail that your loan repayments are about to begin.

如果你没有收到邮件通知,一定要联系NSLSC before 你六个月的免还款期已经结束了. You’ll want to review all aspects of your loan(s) and finalize details concerning repayment.


Student Access Guarantee

The Student Access Guarantee (SAG) is a partnership program between the ministry and Ontario’s public colleges and universities. Through SAG, Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges and universities are required to ensure that financial need is not a barrier to accessing education. If OSAP doesn’t cover a student’s assessed needs for expenses directly related to their program (e.g. books, tuition and mandatory fees,) a student may be eligible for additional financial aid. Schools provide this funding through a combination of non-repayable sources, including bursaries, 奖学金或打工学习计划.

You will automatically be considered for the Student Access Guarantee based on the information on your full-time OSAP application.

Please 联系经济援助办公室 额外的信息


The Work Study Program helps students at provincially-assisted universities and colleges of applied arts and technology in Ontario to meet their educational costs by working part-time during the year. 校园的工作机会, also known as “Work Study,” potentially provide students with an excellent opportunity to work part-time while participating in college life. Working on campus is a great way to make additional money to put towards your expenses while gaining meaningful employment to help build your skills and boost your resume. 工资和工作机会类型各不相同.

Eligibility requirements

  • Be working part-time on campus in a position that encourages self-help and self-development and gives students a way of enhancing their resumes in preparation for the transition to full-time employment and loan repayment.
  • Be registered in an approved post-secondary program as a full-time student or on a co-op placement.
  • 必须是加拿大公民、永久居民或受保护人.
  • 完整完成云顶集团游戏工作学习申请, 证明经济需要(需要原始申请).


As a Work Study student, you are an important part of the college community. 你不仅是一名学生,还是一名有价值的员工! 通过“工作学习”,你可以了解到校内工作的好处:

  • Valuable professional development opportunities at convenient on-campus locations
  • 与你的学习领域相关的工作种类
  • 为您提供重要的生活和工作云顶游戏官方网址下载
  • 灵活的工作时间
  • Additional funding to ensure you can fully fund your educational expenses


接受雇佣后, your manager/supervisor will provide the Georgian Work Study application. Complete it in full, 证明经济需要(需要原始申请) and hand it in to your department manager/supervisor.

如果你有任何关于这个项目的问题,请 联系经济援助办公室.

Contact Financial Aid

Financial Aid provides a centralized service located at the Barrie Campus within the Office of the Registrar.

Phone: 705.722.1530
Fax: 705.722.5136
Email[email protected]

Hours:星期一至星期五,8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Service update

校内提供有限的上门服务. 所有服务都可以继续远程访问.