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Mental Health and Well-being Strategic Plan

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We’ve developed a comprehensive and holistic strategic plan that will guide our path toward flourishing 精神 health and well-being for everyone in our Georgian community.

Explore Georgian’s commitment to 精神 health and well-being below, or view the full 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.

Are you in a crisis situation? 参观 counselling and 精神 health page for contacts, call 911 or 校园安全服务

我们的承诺 to 精神 health and well-being

While one in five people may experience serious 精神 health distress, five of five of us are impacted. When students and employees enjoy flourishing 精神 health, they’re more likely to be successful in academic pursuits and engaged in their employment.

Georgian’s Mental Health and Well-being Strategic Plan reflects our institution’s commitment to all of our community members.

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Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes their own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to their community.


Well-being is defined not merely by the absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, 精神, emotional and spiritual health.


Flourishing is defined as a state where people experience positive emotions, positive psychological functioning and positive 社会 functioning, 大多数时候. It includes multiple components such as growth and resilience.

我们的路线图 to a flourishing Georgian community

A road map to a flourishing Georgian community

Georgian’s Mental Health and Well-being Strategic Plan is the result of more than a year of collaboration and innovation.

We undertook a robust environ精神 scan and a consultation phase with 42 points of engagement involving close to 800 students and employees across our campuses. With this input from our college community, we have identified five strategic pillars where we will focus our efforts to build a flourishing Georgian community.

Want to read the road map in detail, or access it with a screen reader? 请参阅PDF.

Georgian’s Mental Health and Well-being Strategic Plan

Explore our strategic themes below, or view the full 2020-2023 Strategic Plan PDF 要了解更多.

Institutional Structure: Organizational Planning and Policy

Through meaningful collaboration, we will cultivate a culture of empathy, 连接, respect and equity and infuse 精神 health and well-being into our DNA, 机构广泛.

Learn more about Georgian’s 精神 health and well-being DNA.

Mental Health Literacy and Promoting Well-being

Mental health awareness is a great first step. Georgian aims to move beyond awareness to 精神 health literacy so we can transform knowledge into action in order to benefit our own MHWB and that of others. Promoting holistic well-being increases skills and knowledge for practicing self-care and healthy behaviours.

Read more about 精神 health literacy.

Self Management and Coping Skills

Everyone brings strength, wisdom and resilience from their lived experiences. We will assist community members to increase adaptive coping skills through innovative program delivery.

Explore our goals for improving self management and coping.


Mental health and well-being is everyone’s responsibility. When we treat ourselves and each other with compassion and understanding, we become part of Georgian’s growing support system which also includes online tools, 车间和咨询.

Discover how we are improving Georgian supports and services.


复杂情况下, especially when there is an imminent risk of harm to self or others, 需要合作, multiple perspectives and a well co-ordinated response. We aim to help community members distinguish between distress and crisis and make it easy to refer students or employees to the help they need, 很快.

Get more information about our crisis management strategy.

Institutional Structure: Organizational Planning and Policy

Commitment: 云顶集团游戏 prioritizes 精神 health and well-being through foundational organizational conditions.

  • Incorporate 精神 health and well-being into Georgian’s college-wide strategic plan to infuse this into our culture, 机构广泛.
  • Develop a 精神 health policy and related procedures that are consistent with diversity and equity guidelines, anti-oppressive, culturally relevant and respectful.
  • 签署 Okanagan Charter, An 国际 Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges.
  • 嵌入永久的角色, structures and resources needed to sustain annual strategic priorities and implementation.
  • Enhance physical spaces through a lens of further promoting holistic well-being at all campuses.
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Mental Health Literacy and Promoting Well-Being

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Commitment: A holistic approach to promote 精神 health and well-being through opportunities that enhance 精神 health literacy for students and employees.

  • Provide a variety of relevant learning opportunities to enhance 精神 health awareness and promote literacy.
  • 使用创新, non-traditional communication methods to disseminate 精神 health and well-being information.
  • Enhance partnerships to promote holistic 精神 health awareness, 包括物理, 社会, emotional and spiritual well-being, 通过事件, activities and aligned communication each semester at all campuses.
  • 合作伙伴 土著 Resource Centres西格尔国际中心 to provide meaningful, culturally-relevant 精神 health initiatives and coordinated messages.

Self-Management and Coping Skills

Commitment: Enhanced coping skills and strengthened support systems to build personal and community resilience.

  • Develop and implement a 精神 health peer mentor program.
  • Increase positive 连接 and communication with “constellation of supports” through online resources for family and other supporters.
  • Identify and deliver evidence-based group programs, workshops and facilitated discussions that enhance personal, professional and Georgian community well-being.
  • Provide opportunities for Georgian community members to underst和 benefit of and participate in mindfulness.
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Commitment: 云顶集团游戏 community members have access to robust and varied services that support 精神 health and well-being.

  • 建立在 Georgian’s Stepped Care Model to provide a co-ordinated service delivery system that best meets the 精神 health needs of our Georgian community.
  • Communicate a pathway of services to ensure Georgian community members know how to access and make referrals to services.
  • Determine ways to improve access to services through digital transformation.
  • Enhance equitable employee access to 精神 health and well-being support.
  • Advocate with external partners to enhance student access to collaborative medical and 精神 health care.


Commitment: The Georgian community supports life promotion and responds to urgent 精神 health situations 很快 and appropriately.

  • Increase awareness of protective factors that promote life, and risk factors for suicide.
  • Enhance the capacity of Georgian community members to recognize and respond to risk factors and crisis situations.
  • Co-ordinate and communicate existing structures that identify at-risk students and activate an early intervention support plan.
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We care about your 精神 health and well-being and we are here to support you.

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